The Solution: A Community of Character
Spend more time with your children

Encourage your children to read from an early age

Praise other people for their character when they show good character

Get involved in helping others and encourage your children and students to do so

Encourage people to talk about good character

Bring the business community into the classroom to build links between students and businesses

Change the environment we live in by constantly reminding people to show good character

Spend as much time praising good character as you do criticizing bad behavior

Display your own good character

Perform a Random Act of Kindness each day!

  Families, schools, businesses, and local government in Yuba County have joined together to make our community a community of character. A community of character is a community in which individuals, families, businesses, and government all actively seek to exemplify good character. Building a community of character is a cooperative effort that will require the active participation of every member of our community. It is not something that can be created by passing a resolution, it has to be built one person at a time.

  We are going to build a community of character by transforming our environment. In modern America everyone is exposed to a constant stream of negative character reinforcement in the media, and often in our interactions with other people. Television, movies, magazines, and daily life bombard us, all of us, with a continuous stream of violence, lies, and cynicism. We are building a community of character by counteracting this stream of negative character reinforcement by actively reinforcing positive character at every opportunity.

  If we are to succeed positive character must be supported as strongly as negative character is. That means each and every one of us must accept that it is our responsibility to make ourselves into people of good character and to help others to do the same, as they are helping us. The schools play an important part in building a community of character. Teachers have a responsibility to support parents in their efforts to encourage their children to become people of good character, and the values that children are raised with are the values that they take with them into the workforce and the values they will seek to raise their children with.

  Schools should focusing their efforts toward helping young people in their quest to be people of good character, other people and groups are helping other members of our community. Businesses are taking the same set of shared values and are encouraging their employees to develop better character by living life according to our basic principles.

  Negative character reinforcement can occur anywhere and at any time. If we are to counteract this we must create an environment in which everyone, young and old, can receive positive character reinforcement anywhere at anytime. That's why there are sings, billboards, and bumper stickers, to remind people to exhibit good character. Working together schools, businesses, local government, and families can create a community in which every person is exposed to constant positive character reinforcement.

  Praising positive character is a vital part of creating a community of character, but it is not enough. Character is caught at least as much as it is taught. Random acts of kindness help people catch character. They create an environment in which people are valued, an environment in which kindness, caring and involvement can replace violence, cynicism, and apathy. They improve the learning environment, the family environment, and the working environment.

  Building a community of character will not be easy, it will require a lot of work over a long period of time, but the rewards are worth the investment. A community of character is a community in which people respect each other, a community where people take the time to help each other, and a community that people want to be a part of. People who exhibit good character are the kinds of people that businesses want to employ, the kind of people you wish your children would be, the kind of people who can make a difference in the lives of others. That is what the Community of Character campaign is about, making a better community one person at a time

Last Edited: 06/29/00