Message from the Superintendent

    As we stand on the precipice of a new century, it is only fitting that we reflect on the past. Public education in the United States developed because Americans possessed a profound faith in education as a principal means to achieve increasingly complex individual and social goals. 

    The most dramatic characteristic of the American educational system is the large number of people who have participated in it. However, expanding educational opportunities have not always been available to all Americans. During the 1950s racial segregation was still prevalent in American schools. By 1980 our federal courts had largely succeeded in eliminating segregation in public schools. The most recent expression of the American tendency toward more schooling for more people has been the push for an extension of educational opportunities to people both younger and older than the ages traditionally served by formal education. We now have more young children attending nursery school and more adults pursuing higher educational goals as well as vocational training, than ever before. 

    Here in Yuba County it is still our goal for all our citizens to recognize the availability of opportunities in their quest for greater knowledge. We work hard to meet our citizens' demands for more accountability and high performance and success by children who graduate from our schools. We also pledge to continue in our focus on Character Education and its development throughout our schools and our community. 

    As the educational needs of our citizens continue to change and develop in this coming century, we will remain steadfast in our dedication in providing access to exemplary academic and vocational programs.


Ric Teagarden

Last Updated December 14, 2000