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AB212 Project


For state-subsidized preschool/center based providers.


The AB212 Project is a state funded program legislated with the passage of AB 212 in 1999. Early care and education providers working in state subsidized child development programs serving children 0-13 years of age in Yuba and Sutter Counties are eligible to participate in the project.

 Eligibility Requirements

  • All participants must meet each of the following eligibility requirements:

    • Employed with a state-subsidized child development center in Yuba or Sutter County;
    • Employed one year as of hire date and/or will have been employed for one year as of the application due date.
    • Work directly with children ages 0-13 years old (K-6th Grade), a minimum of 15 hours per week in an assigned classroom;
    • Has completed a minimum of 6 units in Early Childhood Education.


  • Level/Tier Incentive, $500 - $1250, based on education participant has completed at time of enrollment;
  • Degree Incentive, up to $250 (Associate) to $500 (Bachelor) per semester;
  • Unit Based Incentive, up to $250 per unit
  • Workshop/Training Incentives, maximum $200 per year
  • Specialization Incentive, $50 per course completed in one of the following areas: Infant/Toddler and/or Special Needs, maximum of $100 per year. 

For more information and to RSVP your application, please call 749-4041.

Please note: Potential participants must attend an Application Workshop. Applications are not mailed. Incentives are awarded after all project requirements are completed and supporting documents are submitted by scheduled due date.