Supporting Quality Child Care in Our Community

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Mission & Goals

The Child Care Planning Council of Yuba and Sutter Counties is a public-Private partnership of business, education, community and governments. The mission is to serve as the focal point for the planning and development of accessible, affordable, quality child care programs for the children and families in Yuba and Sutter Counties.

To promote and enhance the quality and safety of child care and development services through public education, provider education, and provision of support services.


To increase the supply and accessibility of quality child care and development services through a collaborative interagency approach.


To develop and implement strategies to identify the changing child care needs of our community.


To identify and understand all resources available to meet local child care needs.




The Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.  Meetings are held at the Yuba County Office of Education, Alternative Programs office, located at 1010 I Street in Marysville (at the base of the 10th Street Bridge).


For committee meetings dates and times go to Events/Calendar.


Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.


In 1991, the U.S. Congress established a federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). Each state was allocated funds to assist low-income families with child care and development services. In California, Assembly Bill 2141 was passed, providing suggested structure for Local Child Care and Development Councils.


In 1997, Assembly Bill 1542 was passed establishing welfare reform legislation (CalWORKS) that revised the membership and responsibilities of local planning councils.


The Board of Supervisors and the Superintendent of Schools appoint members of the Child Care and Development Planning Council, establish the terms of appointments, and review and approve needs assessments and local priorities for funding. The Superintendent of Schools has the responsibility as fiscal agent for funds received on behalf of the local planning council.


The Council's major responsibilities are to:

Assess the child care needs in Yuba and Sutter Counties and develop a long term plan to meet those needs.

Advise the Board of Supervisors and Superintendent of Schools on our need for child care and development issues.

Facilitate the exchange of information among part-day programs, including State Preschool and Head Start, with other child care to provide full-day child care.

Assist the state in the development of a single application and intake form for all federal and state subsidized child care and development programs.

Design a system to consolidate local child care waiting lists.

Recommend priorities for child care funding from the California Department of Education, Child Development Division (CDD), when appropriate or requested.


Assembly Bill 1542 encourages diverse representation on Local Child Care and Development Planning Councils while maintaining a balance of different interests. Membership is grouped into the following categories:

20% are Child Care Providers:

A person who provides child care services or represents a person who provides child care services.

20% are Consumers: 

A parent or person who receives, or has received child care services within the past 36 months.

20% are Public Agency Representatives:

These members represent a city, the county, or a local education agency.

20% are Community Representatives:

A  person who represents an agency or business that provides private funding for child care services, or who advocates for child care services through participation in civic or community-based organizations but is not a child care provider and does not represent an agency that contracts with the California Department of Education to provide child care and development services.

20% are Appointed:

At the discretion of the Yuba and Sutter County Superintendent of Schools.